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dc.contributor.authorHəbibov, Xaqani-
dc.identifier.citationAzerbaijan archaeologyen_US
dc.description.abstractThis article deals with some architectural decors found in the medieval town of Shamkir. The archaeological excavations revealed interesting samples of the architectural decor, such as brick decors, glazed tiles and lime tiles. Brick decors are divided into two parts: 1) large-sized, independently used brick decors; 2) small-sized brick decors, used in the preparation of decor set. Some samples were mainly glazed turquoise and were giving exceptional beauty to the buildings. Lime decor was also used in the decoration of public and religious buildings. The inscription where have been given letters is in Arabic and it’s made by Kufic script. So the Arabic writing, carved on the lime surface, says: “the power belongs to the Allah”.en_US
dc.publisherKhazar University Pressen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVol. 21;№ 2-
dc.subjectOrta əsrləren_US
dc.subjectüzlük kərpicien_US
dc.subjectgər lövhələren_US
dc.titleOrta əsr Şəmkir şəhərinin memarlıq bəzəklərien_US
Appears in Collections:2018, Vol. 21, № 2

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