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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-09-10T07:46:19ZThree Armenian Songs and the Attitude of Adana-Marash Armenians Towards the Turks (1891-1909)Kodaman, Bayram
2006Three musketeers and d’Artagnan (Nariman Hasanzadeh, Nuraddin Rzayev and Tofig Abasguliyev at Khazar University)-
2010Three`s a Crowd : the value commitments of contemporary higher educationRyder, John
2008-09-10T08:16:00ZTht Aq-qoyunlu State from the Death of Osman Bey to Uzun Hasan Bey (1435-1456)Erdem, Ilham
2009-11-18TI's 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index: Georgia's Score in Context-
2010-12-10TI: Corruption Reigns Worldwide; Georgia Comes Out on Top-
2020-04-10Time:the Coronovirus BriefAguilera, Jasmine
2012The Times and Characteristics of KoroghluIsmayilova, Elza
2020-10-07TMaR: a two‑stage MapReduce scheduler for heterogeneous environmentsMaleki, Neda; Faragardi, Hamid Reza; Rahmani, Amir Masoud; Conti, Mauro; Lofstead, Jay
2020-07-31To the Attention of Students Admitted to Khazar University's Master's Program!-
2012Today’s People, Tomorrow’s Prosperity-
2018Tom's Effect in Hydraulic Systems and The Maximum Efficiency for Pumps with Different Speed CoefficientsAmirov, Fikrat A.; Amirova, Aybaniz M.; Amirov, Elnur F.
2021The Topic of Azerbaijan and the Karabakh War in the Literature of Ahiska TurksAlieva, Tamilla
2012-06-08The Tortuous Sino-Russian Arms TradeRousseau, Richard
2020-05-01Toward a More Accurate Web Service Selection Using Modified Interval DEA Models with Undesirable OutputsPoordavoodi, Alireza; Goudarzi, Mohammad Reza Moazami; Javadi, Hamid Haj Seyyed; Rahmani, Amir Masoud; Izadikhah, Mohammad
2012Toward Gender Equality in East Asia and the Pacific-
2020Towards a ‘Cyber Maastricht’: Two Steps Forward, One Step BackKasper, Agnes; Vernygora, Vlad
2013Towards an Operationalization of Resilience in Education system :-
1998Towards Democratization of the Muslim PracticeHadjy-zadeh, Hikmet
2018Towards measures of longitudinal learning gain in UK higher education: the challenge of meaningful engagementSpeight, Linda; Crawford, Karin; Haddelsey, Stephen