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Title: Associative Infection of Cattle with Eimeriosis and Paramphistomatosis
Authors: Nasibov, Mahir
Keywords: cattle
associative infection
scatological examination
autopsy examination
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Khazar University Press
Citation: Khazar Journal of Science and Technology
Series/Report no.: Vol. 6;№ 2
Abstract: The article talks about the research works on associative paramphistomatosis and eimeriosis carried out in individual livestock farms of Khachmaz, Siyazan, Shabran districts of Guba-Khachmaz economic district. The extensiveness and intensity of infection with paramphistomatosis and eimeriosis were determined during the scatological examinations conducted in farms. During the examinations in the farms of Khachmaz district, infections with paramphistomatosis were detected in 1-3-month-olds 36.4%, in 6-9-month-olds 45.0%, in 10-12-month-olds 33.3, and in adult animals 21.7%, infection with eimeriosis in 1-3-month-olds 54.5%, in 6-9-month-olds 50.0%, in 10-12-month-olds 28.6%, and in adult animals 13.0, in farms of Siyazan district infection with paramphistomatosis in 1-3-month-olds 30.4%, in 6-9-month-olds 38.1%, in 10-12-month-olds 30.0%, and in adult animals 17.4%, infection with eimeriosis in 1-3-month-olds 43.5%, in 6-9-month-olds 33.3%, in 10-12-month-olds 25.0%, and in adult animals4,3%; In the farms of the Shabran district, infection with paramphistomatosis was detected in 1-3-month-olds 15.0%, in 6-9-month-olds 18.2%, in 10-12-month-olds 14.3%, in adult animals 9.1%, infection with eimeriosis in 1-3-month-olds 10.0%, in 6-9-month-olds 13.6%, in 10-12-month-olds 9.5%, and in adult animals 4.5%. Thus, summarizing the results of the scatological examinations conducted, we come to the conclusion that throughout the Khachmaz district, associative infection (extensiveness) with paramphistomatosis was established as 33.7%, with eimeriosis 36.0%, throughout Siyazan district with paramphistomatosis as 28.7%, with eimeriosis 26.4%, throughout Shabran district with paramphistomatosis as 14.1%, with eimeriosis 9.4%. During autopsy examinations, the intensity of infection with paramphistomatosis of cattle in the farms of Khachmaz district was 7-23 specimens,in animals throughout the Siyazan district 4-11 specimens, and in animals in Shabran district was 2-7 specimens.
ISSN: 2520-6133
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