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Title: A resurgence analysis for cubic and quartic anharmonic potentials
Authors: Gahramanov, Ilmar
Tezgin, Kemal
Keywords: Anharmonic oscillator
perturbative expansion
nonperturbative sector
quartic potential
cubic potential
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Citation: International Journal of Modern Physics A
Series/Report no.: Vol. 32;№ 5
Abstract: In this work, we explicitly show resurgence relations between perturbative and one instanton sectors of the resonance energy levels for cubic and quartic anharmonic potentials in one-dimensional quantum mechanics. Both systems satisfy the Dunne–Unsal relation ¨ and hence we are able to derive one-instanton nonperturbative contributions with the fluctuation terms to the energy merely from the perturbative data. We confirm our results with previous results obtained in the literature.
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