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Title: Research Survey on Various MPPT Performance Issues to Improve the Solar PV System Efficiency
Authors: Pakkiraiah, B.
Sukumar, G. Durga
Keywords: renewable energy
solar energy
research survey
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Series/Report no.: Journal of Solar Energy;
Abstract: Nowadays in order to meet the increase in power demands and to reduce the global warming, renewable energy sources based system is used. Out of the various renewable energy sources, solar energy is the main alternative. But, compared to other sources, the solar panel system converts only 30–40% of solar irradiation into electrical energy. In order to get maximum output from a PV panel system, an extensive research has been underway for long time so as to access the performance of PV system and to investigate the various issues related to the use of solar PV system effectively. This paper therefore presents different types of PV panel systems, maximum power point tracking control algorithms, power electronic converters usage with control aspects, various controllers, filters to reduce harmonic content, and usage of battery system for PV system. Attempts have been made to highlight the current and future issues involved in the development of PV system with improved performance. A list of 185 research publications on this is appended for referenc
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