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Title: Restructuring And Development Of Doctoral Studies In Azerbaijan In Line With Requirements Of Higher Education Area
Other Titles: State of the Art on Doctoral Studies in Azerbaijan
Keywords: doctoral education
doctoral candidates
PhD Supervisory Management
Issue Date: 2016
Description: After joining the Bologna process in May 2005 in Bergen, Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan elaborated an Action Plan and by the appropriate Order of theMinister of Education “Plan of activities on implementation of the requirements of Bologna Declaration in higher education system of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2006-2010” was adopted. This Plan stipulates modernization of multi-tier system of higher education, transfer to credit system, elaboration of new Diploma Supplement in compliance with UNESCO/Council of Europe. The teaching and methodological leadership over all higher educational institutions functioning in the Azerbaijan Republic, regardless of its type of ownership and subordination, as well as supervision over quality of teaching and learning process at these institutions is conducted by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education reports to the Cabinet of Ministers. At today two phases of higher education as proposed in Bologna Declaration was implemented in Azerbaijan higher education system. At the first level of higher education, i.e. at bachelorship level a general course provides opportunity for gaining general scientific, humanities and specialised applied knowledge in the areas covering relevant fields of activity. The duration of full-time bachelor degree education is 4 years. The bachelor degree study is implemented according to teaching plans developed on the basis of standards relevant to certain areas (specialties) and approved by the Ministry of Education. Graduates of bachelor level write degree work and defend it before the State Attestation Committee. Establishment of the second, i.e. master level of higher education in Azerbaijan was implemented during 1997-98 academic year. According to the Education Law of the Azerbaijan Republic, the most talented and promising specialists conferred with bachelor degree are retained in magistracy on a competitive basis. Graduates of higher educational institutions delivering only bachelor level can also apply for participation in competitions for magistracy. Magistracy is delivered full-time and part-time. The official duration of magistracy depends on master education programs and ranges between 1,5-2 (part-time 2,5) years subject to specialty. During the final semester of the magistracy the students defend master thesis. There is an urgent need for Azerbaijan universities to revise the rules and content of organizing doctoral studies - the third level of high education in Azerbaijan within the Bologna process documents in terms of their consistency, especially in ensuring science and research provisions in relevance with EU standards, to fulfill the students' mobility - one of the basic provisions of Bologna process. Figures (number of HEIs and others) in the document may contain minor inaccuracies due to the fact that the Education System of Azerbaijan Republic is still under extensive reform. Restructuring and mergers of HEIs and other changes are continuously implemented.
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