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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Race Analysis of Puccinia Striiformis f.sp. Tritici in IranSerpoush, Moozhan; Afshari, Farzad; Khodarahmi, Manoochehr; Ojaghi, Javid
2010-11-01Ranking of Web of World Universities: Khazar University Web Strategy DevelopmentZaytseva, Tatyana
2009Rapid reactive transfer printing of CIGS photovoltaicsEldada, Louay
2018Rational Design of Solar Cells for Efficient Solar Energy ConversionPandikumar, Alagarsamy (editor); Ramaraj, Ramasamy (editor)
2008-12-29Reading in Georgia | PIRLS International Student Achievement in Reading-
2019Real Government Expenditure and Economic Growth in the Southern Caucasus Countries: A Panel Data AnalysisGumus, Erdal; Mammadov, Rza
2014The Reasons and Economic and Political Consequences of Arab SpringCinar, Sertan; Gocer, Ismet
2020-01Reassessing Disparities in Online Learner Student Engagement in Higher EducationPaulsen, Justin; .McCormick, Alexander C
2019Reconnaissance of ‘Difference’ in Cognitive Maps: Authenticating Happily Ever After in Julia Quinn’s To Sir Philip with LoveFarooqui, Javaria; Ashraf, Rabia
2015Reconsidering the influence of Islam on Yoruba cultural heritage, 1930-1987Oladiti, Akeem Abiodun
2005The Rector's Office-
2018Reflection of realism in Mark Twain's novels.Huseynova, Tarana
2018-03Reforço ao corte de vigas em betão armado recorrendo a painéis em micro betão auto compactável reforçado com fibras metálicas de pneus recicladosLourenço, Lúcio; Zamanzadeh, Ziaaddin; Barros, Joaquim; Gonçalves, Delfina; Costa, Inês
2018Reforming Georgian Education: Recommendations for using Classroom Assessment to improve Student OutcomesSales, Gregory C.; Sentočnik, Sonja; Richardson, Jayson W.; Gorgodze, Sophia
2005The region in which I was born selected me as an honorary citizen. What a strange world we live in...-
2012-03Regional Cooperation and Integration-
2013Regional Cooperation and Integration in a Changing World-
2014Regionalism in the organisation of Eastern Caribbean statesMarshall, Sehon
2020Regionalization of Sheep Breeds Reared in the Republic and Impact of Melatonin and Progesterone Hormones on the Mating CampaignRustamova, Siala; Hasanov, Mirzammad; Zulfugarly, Yusif
2010-10-04Regions and borders of mobile telephony in Belgium and in the Brussels metropolitan zoneBlondel, Vincent; Krings, Gautier; Thomas, Isabelle