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2004Hophopnamə. İki cilddə. I cildSabir, Mirzə Ələkbər
2004Hophopnamə. İki cilddə. II cildSabir, Mirzə Ələkbər
1998-06Horizontal regenerative thermal oxidizer unitNiknafs, Hassan S.
2020-02Hospital Readiness Checklist for COVID-19-
2020-05-20How Covid-19 is reshaping teaching and learning: A perspective from Khazar UniversityIsayeva, Raziya
2020-04How COVID-19 is Reshaping Teaching and Learning:A Perspectivefrom Khazar UniversityIsaeva, Razia
2011How Does Gender Determine Roles and Behaviors of Women in and outside of Georgian Families?-
2007-10-09How does the Caucasus Fare? | Transparency International Releases Global Perceptions Index-
2020-10-11How Indigenous People Have Been Rendered Invisible During the PandemicWolfson, Elijah
2010How leaders stimulate employee learning: A leader–member exchange approachBezuijen, Xander M.; van Dam, Karen; van den Berg, Peter T.; Thierry, Henk
2020-06-26How Mathematical Approaches Could Help Decision-Making to Epidemic Control? The Successful Experience against COVID-19 in Cuba-
2010How Much of VLS Research has “Filtered Down” into the ELT Materials a Comparison of Local and International MaterialsBastanfar, Ali; Hashemi, Toktam
2020-07-10How Multilevel Marketing Distributors Are Taking Advantage of the Pandemic.Agulera, Jasmine; Vesoulis, Abby
2011How students’ achievement goals shape their beliefs about effective teaching: A ‘build-a-professor’ studySenko, Corwin; Belmonte, Kimberly; Yakhkind, Anastasyia
2020-12-03“How to apply for Graduate programs” vitual seminar-
2009How To Build A Solar Panel And Solar Power SystemSmith, Robert Steve
2016-01How to Read your Solar Inverter-
2012How to scrutinise a Production Sharing Agreement: A guide for the oil and gas sector based on experience from the Caspian regionAhmadov, I.; Artemyev, A.; Aslanly, K.; Rzaev, I.; Shaban, I.
2011How Youth Gender and Intergenerational Relations Affect Democratization in AzerbaijanRzayeva, Gunay
2009Hukuk Alanında İşbirliğinin Türk Dünyası Açısından ÖnemiAltan, Alparslan