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Title: An Empirical Study on Transactional and Authentic Leaders: Exploring the Mediating Role of Trust in Leader on Organizational Identification
Authors: Ceri-Booms, Meltem
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Business Review, Cambridge journal
Abstract: This research presents the empirical results of a study regarding the relationships between the concepts of transactional and authentic leadership, trust in leader and organizational identification. The sample used in the analysis (N=232) was taken in Turkish companies that abide by Corporate Governance Rules. The results of the study indicate that the aforementioned leadership styles (transactional and authentic) have a positive relation with trust in leader. Furthermore, trust in leader, as a full mediator, develops organizational identification among followers. The results also specify leader behaviors that promote followers’ trust for their leaders. Implications and directions of future research are discussed at the end of the paper
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