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2013-06-04Assessment of Institutional Quality in Resource-Rich Caspian Basin CountriesAhmadov, Ingilab; Mammadov, Jeyhun; Aslanli, Kenan
2012-07-03Foreign direct investment, human capital accumulation and economic growth: the case of transition countriesMammadov, Jeyhun
2020Gasoline Demand Elasticities at the Backdrop of Lower Oil Prices: Fuel-Subsidizing Country CaseMikayilov, Jeyhun I.; Mukhtarov, Shahriyar; Mammadov, Jeyhun
2018-06-13The Impact of Financial Development on Energy Consumption: Evidence from an Oil-Rich EconomyMukhtarov, Shahriyar; Mikayilov, Jeyhun I.; Mammadov, Jeyhun; Mammadov, Elvin
2019-07The Impact of Oil Prices on Inflation: The Case of AzerbaijanMukhtarov, Shahriyar; Mammadov, Jeyhun; Ahmadov, Fariz
2019Income And Price Elasticities Of Gasoline Demand: An Empirical Analysis For RussiaMikayilov, Jeyhun I.; Mukhtarov, Shahriyar; Mammadov, Jeyhun
2021-12Nexus between FDI, Infrastructure Investment, Tourism Revenues, and Economic Growth: Mega Event EvidenceAlalawneh, Mustafa Mohammad; Mammadov, Jeyhun; Alqasem, Ameen
2016-04-21Oil Price Shocks and Monetary Policy in Azerbaijan: Challenges and OpportunitiesMammadov, Jeyhun
2019Re-evaluating the environmental impacts of tourism: does EKC exist?Mikayilov, Jeyhun I.; Mukhtarov, Shahriyar; Mammadov, Jeyhun; Azizov, Mayis
2022-05-07Selection of Renewables for Economic Regions with Diverse Conditions: The Case of AzerbaijanNuriyev, Mahammmad; Mammadov, Jeyhun