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Title: The Issue of Azerbaijan in Ottoman Society and the role of the Special Organization Teshkilat-i Mahsusa
Authors: Jannatov, Asim
Keywords: Ottoman
Teshkilat-i Mahsusa
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Khazar University Press
Citation: Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
Series/Report no.: Vol. 25;№ 4
Abstract: The issue of Azerbaijan was the focus of attention of the Ottoman Empire before the proclamation of the Republic of Turkiye. The Ottoman dynasty, which had conquered a large part of Europe up to the gates of Vienna, later lost much of its territory. The loss of large areas of the Ottoman Empire forced him to take security measures in neighboring countries. Despite extensive conquests in Africa and Europe, the Ottoman Empire lost much of its territory and vitality in its wars with Russia. This factor gave grounds to take more serious steps against Russia. In order to prevent Russia from advancing further, uniting the Azerbaijani Turks in the Caucasus and Iran against it was the right choice for the security of the Ottoman state. The Ottoman Special Organization – Teshkilat-i Mahsusa established on the eve of the war due to a lack of troops, which was active in Iran and the Caucasus, did much to strengthen security in the Ottoman Empire before and during the World War I. In general, the Organization played an important role in raising the Azerbaijani Turks against Tsarist Russia and in the formation of the Azerbaijani question in Ottoman society.
ISSN: 2223-2621
Appears in Collections:2022, Vol. 25, № 4

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