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Title: Regionalization of Sheep Breeds Reared in the Republic and Impact of Melatonin and Progesterone Hormones on the Mating Campaign
Authors: Rustamova, Siala
Hasanov, Mirzammad
Zulfugarly, Yusif
Keywords: regionalization
rational feeding
congenital company
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Khazar University Press
Citation: Khazar Journal of Science and Technology
Series/Report no.: Vol. 4;№ 2
Abstract: The paper studied the ensuring of innovative development in the preparation of reproduction and feeding strategies within the “Sustainable development of the sheep breeding and the creation of a value chain for food production” project in the farms of the republic, mating campaigns among sheep breeds and their adaptation peculiarities. In addition, a month before the introduction of rams into the flock, melatonin and progesterone hormones had been added to the barley and corn bulgur gruel in the form of a powder and were given to ewes, and the percentage of estrus and lambing was studied. At the same time, the specific features of the Balbas sheep breeds, the percentage of lambing among ewes fed with different feed ratios, and the live weight of the newborn twin lambs in groups were also analyzed.
ISSN: 2520-6133
Appears in Collections:2020, Vol. 4, № 2

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