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dc.contributor.authorRzazade, Rena-
dc.description.abstractThis thesis consists of three chapters. In the first chapter explored the subject of media and its effect on education. In the second chapter deals with technology of such systems. The third is brought to work on the audio visual learning system. The study and development of educational multimedia electronic techniques is aimed to provide assistance to teachers and trainers. It was proposed to establish a multimedia system – visual and sound system – with the help of computer technologies in order to study any material without a teacher, i.e. independently. With the help of computer technology to create a audio and visual system. I have developed a program by using Action Script which is integrated into Adobe Flash. The practical value of this work is to help students of our university to acquire computer skills. Thus, the book will give the reader an opportunity to clearly see and record the necessary materials. The book is popular among students because it is easy to understand and read. .en
dc.subjectmultimedia systemen
dc.subjectvisual and sound systemen
dc.titleDevelopment of audio visual learning systemen
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