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Title: Peace Negotiations Over Karabakh: Opportunities and Challenges
Authors: Valiyev, Orkhan
Keywords: The Karabakh War
Issue Date: 21-Sep-2023
Publisher: Political Reflection Magazine
Abstract: The 44 Days War has already changed the status quo on the ground in Karabakh. As a result of the Azerbaijani victory, Türkiye came to the Caucasus not just on behalf of the Turkic world but also as a member of NATO. Subsequently, the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine has weakened the Russian presence in the Caucasus. So, it can be said that the former Nagorno-Karabakh, which was created by the Soviet authority, will not come back since Azerbaijan has already declared Karabakh as an economic region. After the brief introduction, it’s time to focus on the historical and political background of the Caucasus in the modern period.
ISSN: 2042-888X
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