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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles In Different Polymers EnvironmentHumbatova, S.F.; Tapdigov, Sh.Z.; Mammadova, S.M; Safarov, N.A.; Tagiyev, D.B.; Zeynalov, N.A.
2017The Hybride Composites Based New Materials For The Electromechanical And Acoustico-Electrical ConvertersSafarov, N.A.; Tatardar, F.N.; Amirov, S.S.
2013On features of potential distribution in avalanche photodiodes with deeply buried pixelsSadygov, Z.Y.; Jafarova, E.A.; Dovlatov, A.A.; Safarov, N.A.; Ahmadov, F.I.; Sadygov, A.Z.; Abdullayev, X.I.; Madatov, R.C.; Muxtarov, R.M.
2006A solar power plant with a high performance solar cells and thin concentrators made of aluminumbacked epoxy coated polymersBayramov, A.A.; Hashimov, A.M.; Safarov, N.A.; Safarova, F.J.
2006Serial Resistance Of The Solar Converter On The Basis Of Silicon Working At The Concentrated RadiationSadygov, Z.Y.; Dzhafarova, E.A.; Safarov, N.A.; Taptygov, E.S.; Iskenderzade, Z.A.; Shukurova, V.D.
2008Investigation Of Photo-Generation Processes In Semiconductive PolymersBayramov, A.A.; Nursakulov, N.N.; Safarov, N.A.; Mamedova, H.M.; Mamedov, B.A.
2008Automatic Photoelectric Device for Most Optimum Illumination of ObjectsBayramov, A.A.; Safarov, N.A.
2007Thermophotovoltaic Properties of Bi2Te3 AND Bi2Se3Bayramov, A.A.; Akhmedov, G.M.; Safarov, N.A.; Bayramova, S.M.
2006Matrix Composite Sensor For Measurement Mere StreamBayramov, A.A.; Safarov, N.A.
2018Plasma Methods for Nanostructuring The Polymer Matrix of Piezoelectric NanocompositesTatardar, F.N.; Kurbanov, M.A.; Safarov, N.A.; Amirov, Sh.Sh.; Aliyev, O.A.