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Title: Pragmatic Nature Of Narrative Voice In Agatha Christies Short Stories
Authors: Abdullazadeh, Leyla
Keywords: pragmatic nature
narrative voice
speech acts
pragmatics aspects
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: The present study deals with pragmatic nature of narrative voice in Agatha Christie’s short stories. Narrative technique means the analysis of the various elements of the story such as setting, character, point of view, mood or atmosphere, symbolism, style, theme, etc. In other words, it is the logical sequence of the events presented to the readers in a way that enables the author to convey the themes, which are embodied within the literary work. The literary achievements of the author in the short story genre cannot be overemphasized. As we know that this study is descriptive and qualitative research, we can note that the second chapter of this work consists of analyzing Agatha Christie’s short stories. Especially, narrative voice and pragmatics take main role in our research. The perspective or "individual" of an account decides the connection of the storyteller to the story. In a first-individual account, the storyteller will allude to themselves as "I" (or, all the more once in a while, "we", for aggregate or potentially in any case plural storytellers), and will describe overwhelmingly from their own exemplified position according to different characters and occasions in the story. The principal individual storyteller is regularly, yet in no way, shape or form consistently, the hero; they will frequently give their very own record interior contemplations and feelings, however have no immediate admittance to the musings and feelings of others. In the outlines of wrongdoing and investigator fiction, Christie is viewed as one of the makers of the shows of the Golden Age. Be that as it may, in the investigations of hypothesis, specific works of hers are remembered for the examinations for the manners by which they stand apart from other Golden Age investigator fiction stories.
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