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Title: Community-Based Disaster Risk Management in Azerbaijan
Authors: Abbasov, Rovshan
Keywords: Community-Based Disaster
risk management
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Current natural and social conditions in Azerbaijan make children very vulnerable to natural hazards. The preparedness levels of schools and communities in rural areas are rather low, increasing the risk of natural disasters. Over the last 20 years, floods and earthquakes have caused considerable material loss in communities where children are not well protected. These losses are not only a manifestation of natural conditions, but also reveal the low preparedness levels of schools and communities. This book illustrates the main factors of vulnerability and gives a clear picture about the possible interventions to reduce disaster risks both in schools and communities. A new methodology for child-centered vulnerability assessments both in school and community levels has been developed. This methodology can be used to assess the level of vulnerability of schools and communities. A newly prepared training manual will help practitioners conduct trainings for government and community organizations. While the book is focused on a specific region, the suggested approach is generic and can be used elsewhere.
ISBN: 978-3-319-69653-9 (eBook)
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