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Title: Towards a ‘Cyber Maastricht’: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Authors: Kasper, Agnes
Vernygora, Vlad
Keywords: International political science
political science
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: University of Malta.
Series/Report no.: The Future of the European Union: Demisting the debate;pp. 186- 210
Abstract: This chapter evaluates the EU’s cybersecurity policy from four perspectives – neofunctionalism, liberal intergovernmentalism, post-functionalism, and the imperial paradigm. A search for a theory-based framework is performed to ensure that the analysis in this chapter is completed within a set of boundaries, and does not stray into speculation about the EU’s prospective strategic steps. Using this contribution’s findings and elaborations, a proposal on the policy-associated model is made. Having observed the empirical data, while analytically reflecting on actuality, it can be argued that a ‘Cyber Maastricht’ is long overdue.
ISBN: 978-9918-21-032-9
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