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Title: The EU’s cybersecurity: a strategic narrative of a cyber power or a confusing policy for a local common market?
Authors: Kasper, Agnes
Vernygora, Vlad
Keywords: Cybersecurity
Strategic Narrative Theory
EU Strategic Narrative
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Deusto Journal of European Studies
Abstract: In this article, firstly, we identify and examine the process of formation of the EU’s narratives about (its) cyber power. Secondly, we establish a discussion framework to highlight the methodological relevance of the imperial paradigm, cyber power Europe and strategic narrative theory for a multidisciplinary debate on global geo-strategic redesign, in which the EU takes part. Thirdly, we look into bilateral and multilateral forums and processes that deal with cybersecurity and in which the EU participates, in order to understand more specifically how the EU is projecting its cyber-power narratives internationally and how cybersecurity-associated challenges impact current dynamics in other policy domains in the field of international relation
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