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Title: Mainstreaming Of Disaster Risk Analysis Into Gabala District Development Planning
Authors: Abbasov, Rovshan
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Gabala district is located in a disaster prone part of Azerbaijan. Current natural and social conditions in Gabala make children very vulnerable. In addition preparedness level of schools is rather low that reduce capacity of local schools to meet hazards without human and material losses. Mainstreaming, in the context of disaster risks is the practice of supporting communities through land planning and development. This means that regular development process should take into consideration disaster risks, reducing risk level in a particular area.“Risk informed development programming” is the approach, according to which development interventions (ie building new schools and hospitals, building roads, bridges and communication lines, expanding cities and communities, building factories etc.) support risk reduction measures. For example, road constructions take into account all hazards possible hazards (ie landslides, floods, rockfalls, etc.) and relevant measures are incorporated during the construction period to minimize possible impact in the future.
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