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Title: Male vs. Female Mindsets on the Principles of Postmethod Pedagogy: A Case of Iranian EFL Teachers
Authors: Suzani, Samad Mirza
Keywords: Iranian EFL teachers
Male and Female Teachers
Post-Method Pedagogy
Principles of Post-Method Pedagogy
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Khazar University Press
Citation: Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
Series/Report no.: Vol. 23;№ 2
Abstract: This study aimed to investigate Iranian male and female EFL teachers’ mindsets on the postmethod pedagogy and to discover if there was any statistically significant difference between their mindsets on the principles of post-method pedagogy. To this end, 118 Iranian EFL teachers (72 male and 46 female teachers) from four higher education establishments in Shiraz and Ahvaz were selected through convenience sampling. A 22-item questionnaire based on the 5-odd parameters of post-method pedagogy (i.e., particularity, practicality, possibility, teacher role, and learner role) was administered, and the descriptive statistics and the independent sample t-test were utilized to analyze the data. Findings revealed that despite both groups’ holding positive mindsets on the post-method pedagogy, a significant difference existed between their mindsets on the post-method pedagogy in general as well as the principles of practicality and learner role so that the female teachers had significantly more positive mindsets than the male teachers. However, the male and female teachers’ mindsets were not significantly different in terms of particularity, possibility, and teacher role as the other principles of post-method pedagogy.
ISSN: 2223-2621
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