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Title: A cost-effective strategy for nonoscillatory convection without clipping
Authors: Leonard, B. P.
Niknafs, H.S.
Issue Date: 1990
Publisher: NASA Technical Memorandum
Abstract: Clipping of narrow extrema and distortion of smooth profiles is a well-known problem associated with so-called "high-resolution" nonoscillatory convection schemes. In this report, a strategy is presented for accurately simulating highly convective flows containing discontinuities such as density fronts or shock waves, without distorting smooth profiles or clipping narrow local extrema. The convection algorithm is based on non-artificially-diffusive third-order upwinding in smooth regions, with automatic adaptive stencil expansion to (in principle, arbitrarily) higher order upwinding locally, in regions of rapidly changing gradients. This is highly cost-effective because the wider stencil is used only where needed - in isolated narrow regions. A recently developed universal limiter assures sharp monotonic resolution of discontinuities without introducing artificial diffusion or numerical compression. An adaptive discriminator is constructed to distinguish between spurious overshoots and physical peaks; this automatically relaxes the limiter near local turning points, thereby avoiding loss of resolution in narrow extrema. Examples are given for one-dimensional pure convection of scalar profiles at constant velocity.
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