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Title: Habitat of mud volcanoes and petroleum seepage in Azerbaijan
Authors: Zeynalov, Gasham
Issue Date: Oct-2000
Publisher: European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers
Citation: EAGE Conference on Geology and Petroleum Geology of the Mediterranean and Circum-Mediterranean Basins
Abstract: Mud volcano is unique geological phenomenon localized within the boundaries of mobil belts. It is very important information source on age, composition of rocks not drilled in yet, as well as on fluids saturating them. In spite of a long history of study of this interestmg phenomenon, there are a lot of debatable problems of mud volcanism. They are stratigraphic location of the "roots" of volcanoes, their relation with folded complex of different age, deep faults, diapir folds, seismic activity: formation and eruption mechanism; the place and role of mud volcanism in the system of geotectonical, gashydro- and thermodynamical processes, forming, redistribution and destroying oil and gas pools, features of urineral and ore forming.
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