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dc.contributor.authorAlguliev, Rasim-
dc.contributor.authorAlyguliev, Ramiz-
dc.contributor.authorSharifov, Mahammad-
dc.description.abstractA new model of optimum placement of servers and Web contents in a Content Delivery Network that is intended to minimize the cost of delivery of content to the ultimate users is proposed. The model also takes into account the structure of the network and the weight of each Web content in the network nodes. A mathematical formulation of the proposed model reduces to a problem of linear integer programming. In the present study synthesis of a neural network for the solution of a problem of linear integer programming is also described.en_US
dc.publisherAutomatic Control and Computer Sciencesen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVol. 40;№ 4-
dc.subjectContent Delivery Networken_US
dc.subjectplacement of servers and contentsen_US
dc.subjectlinear integer programmingen_US
dc.subjectneural networksen_US
dc.titleModel of Optimum Placement of Servers and Web-Contents in Content Delivery Systemsen_US
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