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Title: Performance Optimization and Verification of a New Type of Solar Panel for Microsatellites
Authors: Teng, L, etc.
Keywords: solar panel
Issue Date: 27-Feb-2019
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Aerospace Engineering;
Abstract: In this paper, a new method of replacing the conventional honeycomb aluminum panel with 3D metal printing on the microsatellite is presented. The multiobjective optimization method is used to optimize the temperature difference, compression strength, shear strength, and weight of the new type of solar panel structure. The relationships between the structural parameters and optimization targets are established, and the influence of five factors on thermal and structural properties is analyzed. Finally, a group of better structural parameters of the panel is obtained. The relative deviations between simulation analysis and model are 27.45%, 6.12%, 1.365%, and 3.27%, respectively. The optimization results show that the regression model can be used to predict thermal and structural properties of the panel, and the establishment of the model is effective. The analysis results show that the performances can be improved by 91.62%, 46.94%, 17.91%, and 10.28%, respectively. The optimized results are used for 3D metal printing, and the new type of solar panel is obtained. It is proved that the method can effectively improve the thermal and structural properties of the panel and can effectively shorten the development and manufacture cycle of the panel and also reduce the cost. It has high engineering application value.
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