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dc.contributor.authorThandasherry, Sandith-
dc.description.abstractThe paper expands the scope of comparing the two scenarios of solar panels on boat and shore from merely cost of grid energy to a wider TCO1 . Three scenarios are compared-(i) maximum solar panels on boat, (ii) half the maximum solar panels and (iii) no solar panels on boat (electric boat). In all the three cases the sum of solar plant size on boat and shore as well as the functional needs are same. The case of a 75-passenger solar ferry is taken to do the comparison. It is seen that CAPEX is the lowest in the case where the solar panels are maximum on boat, since increase in solar panels on the boat decreases battery size and cost. In the case of OPEX, taking both energy cost as well as maintenance cost, all the three cases have similar values, with shore solar plant. In case of no shore solar plant, OPEX increases with decreasing solar plant size. Hence it is concluded that it is cost effective to put largest possible solar panels on the boat.en_US
dc.subjectsolar panelsen_US
dc.titleSolar Panels-On Boat or Shore?en_US
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