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Title: Structural ambiguity in N. Chomsky’s syntactic doctrine
Authors: Karimova, Valida
Keywords: N. Chomsky
syntactic structure
non-standard syntactic relations
Issue Date: 16-Dec-2019
Citation: V International Euroasia Congress on Scientific Researches and Recent Trends
Abstract: The relevance of the study of ambiguity at the syntactic level is due to the wide distribution of this phenomenon in modern English, the insufficient degree of its knowledge, and the need for linguistic interpretation of syntactically ambiguous constructions in order to optimize the communicative process. In this article, we will consider such varieties of non-standard syntactic relations as re-decomposition and variability, define the concept of syntactic homonymy, delimit it into subtypes, and indicate the causes of its occurrence. Ambiguity is available not only on the deep structure of the sentence but also on the surface structure of the sentence. The main criteria or even key determinants of the deep structure of sentence are multiple meanings of words, sayings, or sentences. The many examples we give proved that a word or even sentence may have some lexical meaning, which can create difficulties for the language carrier. We come to the conclusion that, the relationship between the "deep" and "surface" structure is varied. During research we met that the structural relationships between their "deep" and "surface" structure are indistinguishable, and the transition from surface structure to deep structure is quite simple. Some cases have also been found that mutually beneficial relationships are not easy, sometimes disputed, and requires a special effort to transition from "surface" structure to "deep" structure.
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