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Title: Comparative analysis of the semantic features of idioms, phraseological phrases, proverbs and sayings in Azerbaijani and English languages and some ways of their translation
Authors: Mammad, Manzar
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: This investigation work is dedicated to the research of comparatively analyses of phraseological expressions, proverbs and wise-sayings.In modern English and Azerbaijani languages the comparatively investigation of phraseological combinations are necessary in many aspects. Firstly, the investigation of phraseological units in different systematic languages helps to identify the objective laws of languages in that aspect. The second point is that, the research of these kinds of units help to gain more idea about the semantic progress of language and its lexical system.This research is interesting from the theoretical aspect of linguistics. It‟s hard to imagine the human speech without phraseological units, proverbs and sayings.That‟s why, phraseological units, proverbs and sayings that have a great history also have a great part in today‟s natural speech. Phraseological units, proverbs ans sayings are created as the view of the ways of folk life by folk and represented their traditions, customs and the view of morality. The purpose of this thesis is the exploration of internal-semantic and external-semantic structure of phraseological units, proverbs and sayings, to study how to translate them, the explanation of their usage features from theoretical and practical aspects. The aim of the dissertation thesis has determined these tasks: -to compare the difference of phraseological units, proverbs and sayings between Azerbaijani and English languages; -to found the rich sources of phraseological units, proverbs and sayings comparatively in both languages; -to explore phraseological units, proverbs and sayings according to the semantic aspect and some ways of their translation. The practical value of given work is that it can be useful as a literary source for everybody who wants to study the phraseological expressions,proverbs and sayings 4 and can be serve for the courses in linguistics. During our research we based on the materials of some authors like– I.Rahimov,H.Bayramov,V.V.Vinogradov,L.A.Bulakhovsky,H.E.Palmer,L.Smith, I.V.Smitnitsky and others. We also used article of author as A.V.Kunin on the topic “О фразеологических сращениях в современном Английском языке” from the magazine “Иностранные языки в школе“. According to the the method of investigation, we try to use comparison-contrasting and descriptive method. In writing process of this work we used the typological investigation according this linguistic aspect and applied some scientific directions. The given dissertation thesis consists of an introduction, two main chapters, conclusion and references.
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