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Title: The Iravan Khanate
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Chashioglu Publishing House
Abstract: This book is the real and recently occurring picture of the historical truth that some Western politicians “do not see”, or rather, do not want to see as they exercise Christian solidarity with the Armenians. As the policy of discrimination between Azerbaijanis and Armenians continues in a world of double standards and the refugee lifestyle of over 1 million Azerbaijanis in their own native lands continues to be ignored, the Azerbaijani people will be wary of pro-Armenian western politicians’ statements about “human rights” and “democracy” and will continue its just struggle for the occupied lands of the Motherland. Because the bitter historical experience of 1918 has shown to the Azerbaijani people that part of the Motherland can no longer be gifted. He who concedes land from his Motherland will be left without a Motherland.
ISBN: 978-9952-8134-3-2
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