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Title: Multilingualism in Azerbaijan: The most Preferred Foreign Languages in Private Universities of the Country and Its Socioeconomic Aspects
Authors: Karimova, Valida
Keywords: The English Language
The Best Foreign Language Learning
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2017
Publisher: Science Publishing Group
Citation: International Journal of Education, Culture and Society
Series/Report no.: Vol. 2;Issue 4
Abstract: The target reason for the present article analyzes the likelihood of foreign language in the education system of Azerbaijan: which examinations and deciding the most favored foreign language for this matter. Azerbaijan is a nation with customs of multilingualism. This examination was directed utilizing the graphic quantitative strategy including 301 understudies from two private Universities as a member. The instruments utilized for this examination study are the survey to distinguish whether the foreign language is bolstered among understudies in Azerbaijan, and which foreign language is favored most. Also, it was looked to inspect the relationship among factors of sex, social class, existing language abilities, and states of mind to the objective language inclination. It was found that language learning is bolstered by members, and English is the most favored foreign language. It demonstrates that multilingual societies like Azerbaijan are strong of language securing decisions that help protect and create multilingualism. In addition, it was found that mentality to foreign language learning itself vary because of salary level and existing language aptitudes.
ISSN: 2575-3460
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