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Title: Post-Taliban State Building in Afghanistan
Authors: Raufi, Abdulbashir
Keywords: Afghanistan
state building
institutional transition
Pact for Afghanistan
Loya Jirga
Afghan army
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: This thesis focuses on the role of the international community in the process of institutional transition in Afghanistan since the fall of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in 2001. It first proposes a state of play of the institutional situation of the country under the Taliban regime, with the aim of better understanding the phenomenon of state degeneration that ensued. It then gives a substantial place to the institutional transition process that began with the adoption of the Bonn Agreement, a real roadmap for the reconstruction of the country. This thesis also looks at the follow-up to the Bonn Agreement, which has been complemented by the Afghanistan Compact, as well as a series of international conferences that have helped to change the international community's strategy in the field. The third part of the dissertation is a practical evaluation of the progress made in the field of skills transfer. Two aspects of the transition will be discussed here: first, the administrative and institutional reconstruction of the Afghan state, and secondly the reconstruction of the Afghan security forces, which includes the formation of the Afghan National Army.
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