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Title: Turkish influence on Israel-Azerbaijan relations
Authors: Rahimova, Goychak
Keywords: The Cold War
Turkey-Azerbaijan relations.
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: This thesis analyses the Israeli-Azerbaijan relations and Turkish influence to this relations. Despite the fact that these attitudes were lined up in 1991 after the restoration of the independence of Azerbaijan, these relations have deep historical roots and traditions. Since ancient times, despite the ethnic and confessional differences, the Azerbaijani and Jewish people lived peacefully and worked together. In addition to geopolitical reasons, these ties played a decisive role in the formation of good relations between states. In a short time, this attitude has become strategic and plays an important role in regional geopolitics as a whole. An interesting point is that this attitude was built in parallel with Turkey and the latter played a positive role in this. Despite the long and promising history of relations between Turkey and Israel after the arrival of the “Justice and Development Party” to power, these attitudes have been shaken and deteriorated. The reason for that can be crossed, but the main factor was the geopolitical ambitions of Turkey. Turkey is for Azerbaijan not only a strategic partner but also a fraternal country. The confrontation between Israel and Turkey had a negative impact on Azerbaijan, but in no way affected the relationship between Azerbaijan and Israel. Today we become a witness that Azerbaijan is playing as a role of mediator between the conflicting parties and this activity is bearing fruit.
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