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Title: Comparison of PostgreSQL & Oracle Database
Authors: Jafarov, Vugar
Keywords: Oracle Database
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Goal thesis is to compare the practical side of Database Management Systems of famous databases: PostgreSQL and ORACLE in the consideration of commercial opinions and technical features. As the goal that they have conjunctly engaged an essential part in the field of Database Management Systems, so, the complete comparison of the collection standards of these two databases is under a lot of attention of mixed users. Along with the profitable market analyze and anatomize the detailed technical functionalities of the two databases, readers could get a rich view of the usability of the databases while standing on a great vantage opinion and have a prophetic view of their future. The similar theme has not been in the Electronic library Theseus already which means it is a great chance to make up the vacant field. The Database Management Systems ideas and issues care the thesis content over the whole description construction that is regard as analysis tips for readers. The experiential study is more based on study and match of regular data that gather from Internet establishments and guide references the outcome of specific tests that done on dissimilar platforms. These rewards are to classify variations among ORACLE and PostgreSQL. Communications with administrators also plays a key role as a dynamic source of stimulus. Conversely limits are still being as the inaccessible to those private statistics and the databases core skill confidentialities. Limitation also emerged for the analysis equipment were more persuasive enough to make deductions which are pleased the scientific standards. Additional observes and checks are advised if the thesis outcome is wanted to be used in academic.
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