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dc.contributor.authorAmirov, Elnur-
dc.contributor.authorAmirov, Fikret-
dc.description.abstractThis article is devoted to maximum efficiency coefficient of the centrifugal pumps working with the hydro-dynamically active additives. Equations for the determination of the objective concentration of the hydrodynamic active additives on the basis of the balance of the hydraulic drop. Equation of the balance of the hydraulic drop should be solved by means of the modern mathematical sets and graphical methods.en
dc.publisherPublishing House «Scientific survey»en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVolume I;№ 11 (39)-
dc.subjectmaximum efficiency coefficienten
dc.subjectcentrifugal pumpsen
dc.subjecthydro-dynamically active additivesen
dc.subjectoil productsen
dc.subjectgraphical methodsen
dc.subjecthydraulic gradienten
dc.subjectbalance equationen
dc.subjectмаксимальный коэффициент полезного действияen
dc.subjectцентробежные насосыen
dc.subjectгидро- динамически активные добавкиen
dc.subjectграфические методыen
dc.subjectгидравлический гради- ентen
dc.subjectуравнение балансаen
dc.titleMaximum Efficiency Coefficient of the Centrifugal Pumps Working with the Hydrodynamically Active Additivesen
dc.title.alternativeМаксимальные коэффициенты полезного действия центробежных насосов при работе с гидродинамически активными добавкамиen
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