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Title: Application of MRIL-WD (Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging While Drilling) for irreducible water saturation, total reservoir, free-fluid, bound-fluid porosity measurements and its value for the petrophysical analysis of RT/RM data from the Shah Deniz wells which were drilled in the Khazarian-Caspian Sea of the Azerbaijan Republic
Authors: Amirov, Elnur
Keywords: Caspian Sea
Shah Deniz wells
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Geophysical Research Abstracts
Series/Report no.: Volume 18;
Abstract: Sperry-Sun (Sperry Drilling Services) is the leader in MWD/LWD reliability, has developed the industry’s first LWD NMR/MRIL-WD (nuclear magnetic resonance) tool. The MRIL-WD (magnetic resonance imaging loggingwhile- drilling) service directly measures the T1 component of hydrogen in subsurface rock units while drilling to obtain total reservoir porosity and to dissect the observed total porosity into its respective components of free fluid and bound fluid porosity. These T1 data are used to secure accurate total, free-fluid, capillary-bound water, and clay-bound water porosity of the reservoir sections which can be drilled in the several Runs.
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