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Title: The issue of national values in Ahmad Jafaroghlu's "75 Aserbaidschanische Lieder 'Bayaty' in der Mundart von Gandscha nebst einer sprachlichen Erklarung"
Authors: Mammadova, Altuntaj
Keywords: turkologist
Ahmed Jafaroghlu
Azerbaijani folklore
Issue Date: May-2014
Publisher: Khazar University Press
Series/Report no.: ;№ 329
Abstract: This article is the first-ever study of his contributions in the sphere of literary criticism. Ahmed Jafaroghlu's writings on Azerbaijani folklore After the publication of his voluminous article “Die published in Germany entitled “75 Aserbaidschanische moderne aserbaidschanische Literatur” (“Modern Lieder 'Bayaty' in der Mundart von Gandscha nebst Azerbaijani Literature” (1; 2; 3;) and his einer sprachlichen Erklarung” (An introduction to 75 comprehensive review of Azerbaijani Literature, “Die Azeri bayatis in the Ganja dialect and their language Aserbeidschanische Literatur” (“Azerbaijani analysis). Neither Azerbaijani nor Turkish scholars Literature” (4), the European literary public and the have investigated these articles by Ahmed Jafaroghlu in sphere of literary criticism had the opportunity for the studies of his creative heritage. This article takes into first time to obtain objective and systematic account that Jafaroghlu's abovementioned works were information on Azerbaijani literature and its sources. addressed to the European scientific public, and it This article will cover one article by Ahmed clarifies the ideas and considerations in them in the Jafaroghlu in German: “75 Aserbaidschanische Lieder context of Azerbaijani folklore studies. It also focuses 'Bayaty' in der Mundart von Gandscha nebst einer attention on some mistakes in Jafaroghlu's inferences.
ISSN: 2218-2772
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