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Title: What is The Envisioned Future of Azerbaijan Companies? The Case of Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Authors: Danisman, Sumeyra Alpaslan
Kocabacak, Ayse
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Khazar University Press
Series/Report no.: Volume 17;Number 4
Abstract: Azerbaijan which is referred to as “land of fire” has s geopolitical location at the crossroad between Europe and Asia. The Azerbaijan has a small, open but fast growing economy (Hölscher, 2012). Azerbaijan is the most stable country in regards to economic and politic conditions in Caucasus. The existence of rich natural resources, educated human resources and being on a crucial area increase the possibility of brilliant future of Azerbaijan Republic (Zengin, 2010). One of the strategic advantages of Azerbaijan is being located on a vital transport and energy corridor in a globalized network of capital, goods and services in between Europe and Asia (Baranick and Salayeva, 2005). The mentioned situation of Azerbaijan economy results in attracting more investments (Zengin, 2010). Companies in Azerbaijan, similar to other developing economies’ organizations, have a significant role in supporting establishment of new economy in the transition period. Moving aboard, being global and building desirable future can be accomplished by strategic visions. In order to discuss future of Azerbaijan economy, this paper has been aimed to investigate vision statements of Azerbaijan companies and underline most frequently expressed issues. Main characteristics of transition economy, transformation of Azerbaijan and the role of organizational vision on strategic objectives have been discussed in the first part of theoretical section. In the second part, main question of the research and methodological settings are structured in order to investigate Azerbaijan companies’ visions. After determining most frequented issues in vision statements, each of them has been investigated in details.
ISSN: 2223-2621
Appears in Collections:2014, Vol. 17, № 4

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