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Title: Complications occurring in the exploitation of oil wells with sucker-rodpumps and struggling measures
Authors: Jamayev, Zaur
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Various factors negatively impacting the work of the sucker-rod pump have been studied and methods applied in the oil fields for preventing these obstacles have been clarified in the graduation thesis. The First Chapter is about the investigation of hazardous effect of associated gas penetrated into well bottom together with oil through the layer, and about the importance of use of gas anchors for carrying out the separation process of gas in the well bottom. Besides, scope of application of every anchor structure, that is, their effective use condition is defined. In the Second Chapter, the negative impact of sand penetrating into the wells together with oil or ground water has been comprehensively explained. In the Third Chapter, there are talking about the cleaning and saving pumps from bad impact of sand and protect them from all other struggles. The chapter highlights the negative impact of sand on work of the plunger pumps. To prevent the mentioned complications occurred in the result of investigations, analysis and studies, certain measures have been worked-out and presented as a result of the thesis. These measures are of great practical importance and their application will stimulate the increase of oil and gas production in the fields.
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