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Title: Application of physical fields and chemical agents in oil production
Authors: Karimova, Tunzala
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: The dissertation work of MSc entitled “The Application of physical fields and chemical agents in oil production” consists of four chapters and was dedicated to the application of physical fields which increase the efficiency of applied chemical agents in the main processes of oil and gas fields development. In the first chapter are described main processes having an effect on oil recovery intensity including primary preparation of production fluids (oil, gas, water) under surface conditions that is ultra sound application for increasing the surface active agents influence and intensification of emulsion breakdown using ultrasound waves. The second chapter has analyzed and studied physically of the magnetic field that increases of influence of the chemical agent for enhance the recovery factor as one of the main and actual production parameter. In the third chapter there is discussed the scientific analyses of applied agents permeability and conductivity factors and enhancement of their efficiency in the water out reservoirs. Application and perspective of nanotechnology method as one of modern technology are described in the last chapter. In the dissertation, were analyzed physical processes, based on application of the physical methods and modern scientific estimation of oil recovery. References are shown.
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