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Title: Bilik iqtisadiyyatının inkişaf mərhələlərində innovasiya texnologiyalarının nəzəri-metodoloji aspektləri
Authors: Mazanova, Ofelya
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Article covers topics such as information and economy of knowledge, its infrastructure, stages of development and technological innovations. The importance of development of technological innovations which is the one of the main part of the society of information and economy of knowledge was also pointed out. Article lists 25 types of technological innovation. It has been spoken about ways of implementating production and educational innovations with the help of technology within the frame of innovational development of society and the problems that can be faced during the process was also touched. Besides this, comparisons were made from year 2000 to 2012 in the the table which was created according to the index of economy of knowledge on the basis of CIS countries. The adaptation of our country to the growth tendency of advanced countries were shown in examples with CIS countries being basis. Also accepted conceptions for development of economy of knowledge of these countries are explained.
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