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dc.contributor.authorRousseau, Richard-
dc.description.abstractThe great majority of the Russians did not support their country’s military intervention in Chechnya during the 1994-96 Russo-Chechen War. During the Second Chechen War, however, beginning in the autumn of 1999, a turnaround occurred. Now a majority of Russians stood behind their government’s decision to regain control over the hitherto independent Chechnya. Such support was in part in response to a string of high-profile terrorist attacks in Russian cities by Chechen rebels and the spread of the separatist movement into neighboring provinces such as Dagestan. In addition, much of this shift in public support at the time was attributed to the pivotal role broadcast media played in the second Chechen war. This analysis focuses on the marked change in public perception by studying the Russian media, its role in shaping opinions, and how reporting from the conflict zone transformed Russian people’s attitudes.en
dc.subjectRussia, Chechnya, Media, Security, South Caucasus, Conflicten
dc.titleRussian Media’s Role in the First (1994-1996) and Second (1999-2000) Chechnya Warsen
dc.title.alternativeI. (1994-1996) ve II. (1999-2000) Çeçen Savaşlarında Rus Medyasının Rolüen
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