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Title: Rural Industrialization: A Strategy for the development of rural areas Central District of Astara in IRAN
Authors: Ghorbanian, Hossein
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: I introduce subject programming and definition, understanding and limitations of the subject matter and I describe how can a traditional society with low productivity change to a productive modern society? What extent activities of big cities can helps to development of rural areas or harms to it? And I describe development means in research area and divided rural development to seven points in continuing the research prospective is about limitation of subject matter in some points after that I consider to engineering the plan, world view about the subject too discus in the last of this chapter I debate about the strategy. Background of the subject and study of the literature one theory expressed for industrialization of rural areas is Lowis logic or theory of penetrate to the beneath. This logic explains how to remove the rural poverty; this research has been gathered in the framework of industrial strategies in the country and with regard to villages of Astara has been formulated. Also I consider developing characteristic in four points and describe them. Setting and gathering the report of the research, structure and elements of research report here the basis of decision is distributed resources, results of previous experiences, unit priorities, long term plans and policies of investment and finally document provided for that rural industry and the end of this chapter I analysis of rural industrial project collection and control of that. I have considered research analyzing and finding by hypothesis and result to test the hypothesis, the cases are studied to make links between variables of research and give enough reasons responsibility of technical analysis also provide in this chapter in additional I have discus cost of production and comparing between them market competition problem also I have seen too and then I have considered rural industrial development explanation economically in Astara. Includes a collection of summary and conclusion and evaluated of elements such as technical financial relation of plan with other activities, income, management, process of control standards time of measurement and strategic evaluation.
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