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Title: Issues of improvement of informational base in strategy management
Other Titles: (by example of agricultural clusters)
Authors: Louie, Majid Beik Mohammad
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Ansoff has studied strategy separate from goals of organization. To him, strategy is a way of deciding with accepting risks. It is a clear way to get a goal in the first definition; strategy is a kind of execution path, an instruction or collection of instruction to confront with situations. In continuing world attitude toward the Subject, also the portfolio and the following subjects are considered: understand past and present activities of organization, analyzing potential abilities, limits of the company and its strategic units recognizing imbalances in strategic planning. In this chapter Process of strategic planning and theoretical studies and As Robins and Prerce have mentioned strategic approach is naturally behavioral and its success and failure depend on human factor and how to participate in activities. We should mention that strategic approach can provide these characteristic but it isn't guaranteed and planners should be careful how to participate in this activity because all the approaches aren't successful. In continuing we have provide How to determine objectives in an organization. In chapter two we have seen the role of this research firstly to find elements of time and place whose standards have been determined by the strategy and secondly we find possibilities which are not according to the planned strategy. Strategic management may be confronted with changes in the environment and one of the reasons can be traditional markets. Theoretical studies included in this chapter we have done in characteristic of research too and the cause of selection of the subject and the importance of it. Describing research method and hypothesis. It means to test theories and understanding and conclusions of process so that we can provide witnesses to test hypothesis as follows which are used according to the kind of organization also include determining research variables, structure analysis of industries and How can we forecast these structure changes? strategy, finding and processes analysis based on organizational structure and process. Strategy evaluation can be a complex and sensitive undertaking. Too much emphasis on evaluating strategies may be expensive and counterproductive. No one likes to be evaluated too closely! Dalton and Lawrence emphasize that the more managers attempt to evaluate the behavior of others, the less control they have. Yet, too little or no evaluation can create even worse problems. Strategy evaluation is essential to ensure that stated objectives are being achieved. The process of Evaluating Strategies is the matter that we have seen in this chapter we have suggested. Using computer to evaluate strategies can allow diverse strategy-evaluation reports to be generated for different levels and types of managers. Finally we have considered Efficiency of strategic management. In last chapter methods of collecting of the agricultural information and data classification in Azerbaijan are investigated.
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