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1999War in Chechnia and the Search for Enemy: A Well-Tried Russian Remedy for Consolidation and Strengthening its PowerKerimov, Rufat U.
2009Water injection in Azeri - Chirag - Gunesli oilfieldsIslamov, Fuad
2012Water Wealth?Pangare, Ganesh; Das, Binayak
2009-07-06Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Georgian IDP Settlements: UNICEF Report-
2014Wavering Azerbaijani Literati Views of America: From the Russian Tsarist through the Modern PeriodsIsakhanli, Hamlet
2020-11-26Wax precipitation modelling using Perturbed Chain Statistical Associating Fluid Theory (PC-SAFT)Shahsenov, I.; Baghishov, I; Allahverdiyev, P; Azizov, E
2021-03Wax precipitation modelling using Perturbed Chain Statistical Associating Fluid Theory (PC-SAFT)ShahsenovaI., .I.; Baghishov, P.; Allahverdiyev, E.; Azizov, C.
2019The Ways of Solving the Problems that Arise in the Process of the English Language Learning for Special Purposes (Diplomatic English)Dadashzade, Sevinj
2008-11-28Weak State Institutions | Weak Social Capital?-
2012-10Web Analytics as One Of The Feedback Mechanisms in Electronic Government ManagementAlguliev, Rasim; Skalska, Hana; Yusifov, Farhad; Sharifov, Mahammad
2020-12-22Webinar on Employee Conflict Management and Mediation-
2020-06-02Webinar on “Body Language and Feelings”-
2022-05-04Webinar within UniLab project-
2022-11-18Week of fighting drug addiction week: a series of seminars-
2012Welcome to Khazar-
2013Welcome to Khazar University : School of Engineering and Applied Science-
2020-06-09Welcome to from Home-
2020-07-01Welcome to your Suite of LexisNexis® Solutions-
2016Well control manualAmirov, Elnur
2010-02-16Well Sand Control by Methods of Strengthening the Wellbore AreaShafiyev, Yalchin A.