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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Ukraine-New Zealand Relations: Promise of a Date?Chaban, Natalia; Vernygora, Vlad
2010Ukraine’s constitutional "saga": Ukrainian media reflections of the constitutional processChaban, Natalia; Vernygora, Vlad
2020The Ultimate Guide to Online Teaching-
2010Ultraviolet Spectrum Variability of BP TAUIsmailov, N.Z.; Alimardanova, F.N.; Baheddinova, G.R.; Adygezalzade, H.N.
2001Ulu Yollarının YolçusuEhmedov, Qara
2023-07-11Ulusallıktan bölgesel ekonomik merkeze doğru: Yeni TürkiyeValiyev, Orkhan
2013The unbearable lightness of permanent integration: why does the EU need to answer its Ukrainian question?Vernygora, Vlad
2021Uncertаinty аnаlysis of reservoir pаrаmeters bаsed on “Umid” gаs-condensаte fieldNаbiyev, Fаrаj
2019-05Understanding a Vicious Cycle: The Relationship Between Student Discipline and Student Academic OutcomesAnderson, Kaitlin P.; Ritter, Garry W.; Zamarro, Gema
2007-03Understanding and teaching English-language learnersOpitz, Michael F.; Harding-DeKam, Jenni L
2020-04-01Understanding Coronanomics: The Economic Implications of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) PandemicBarua, Suborna
2020Understanding COVID-19 and its Spread-
2013Understanding of TED as an Alternative MediaYektaeikarin Mohammad, Azadeh
2023-05Understanding student success in higher education in Azerbaijan: the role of student engagementIsaeva, Razia; Ratinen, Ilkka; Uusiautt, Satu
2006Unemployment in Azerbaijan : Beyond the Economic Consequences-
2013A Unifi ed Approach to Measuring Poverty and InequalityFoster, James; Seth, Suman; Lokshin, Michael
2016Uniform Convergence Of The Spectral Expansions In Terms Of Root Functions For A Spectral ProblemKerimov, Nazim B.; Goktas, Sertac; Maris, Emir A.
2020-11-26UniLab informative seminar conducted for students the School of Economics and Management-
2020-11-24UniLab informative seminar conducted for students the School of Science and Engineering-
2012-10-24The United States Takes A Wait-And-See Attitude In Syria – OpEdRousseau, Richard