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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Object Oriented Programming using JavaKendal, Simon
2010Obsidian in the productive activity of early farming communities of the Southern CaucasusRoza, Arazova
2008-09-10T09:48:59ZOil and Gaz Pipeline Strategy of a Landlocked Country: Case of AzerbaijanAskerov, Gorkhmaz
2016-04-21Oil Price Shocks and Monetary Policy in Azerbaijan: Challenges and OpportunitiesMammadov, Jeyhun
2017The Oldest Harvesting Tools of Azerbaijan (According to Experimental-Traceological Research)Arazova, Roza; Skakun, Natalia
2012Oliver Twist and Inklings of ‘Grotesque’Kermani, Ehsan Hafezi; Fazli, Roshanak
2006On education system in transition economy : A view from AzerbaijanIsaxanli, Hamlet
2004On Modulus of Smoothness of Functions Given on Compact GroupsVaezi, H.; Rzaev, S. F.
2017On Physics of Intercalation of Molecular Hydrogen Nanophase Into Graphene Surface Nanoblisters, Relevance For Solving The Hydrogen Storage ProblemNechaev, Yu S.; Veziroglu, T. Nejat
2013On some problems of the creation and development of green technologies in AzerbaijanMazanova, Ophelia
2013-03On the Determinants of Scholastic Performance in Five Asian CountriesDeutsch, Joseph; Silber, Jacques
2011On the History of Musical Culture in TelaviTamarashvili, Tamar
2010On The Philosophy, History and Management of quality in EducationIsaxanli, Hamlet
2010On the philosophy, history and management of quality in educationIsaxanli, Hamlet
2010On the philosophy, history and management of quality in education (Continued from Volume 13, Number 1, 2010 and Volume 13, Number 2, 2010)Isaxanli, Hamlet
2018On the Relationships among EFL Learners' Willingness to Communicate, Communication Apprehension, Self-Perceived Competence and Emotional IntelligenceMehrpoor, Saeed; Soleimani, Neda
2011On the traces of Fazlullah Naimi-
2013Online Education: Issues, Challenges and ImplicationsOlalekan, Michael
2012Online Representation of Azerbaijani Online CommunityHajibayova, Lala