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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11O səni sevirdiİsaxanlı, İsaxan
2020-11-26O səni sevirdi (Hekayə)İsaxanlı, İsaxan
2014Object Oriented Programming using JavaKendal, Simon
2010Obsidian in the productive activity of early farming communities of the Southern CaucasusRoza, Arazova
2022-11-25October Issue of “Khazar Khabar” Journal Published-
2022-10-31October Issue of “Khazar Khabar” on
2023-11-21October Issue of “Khazar Khabar” on
2008-09-10T09:48:59ZOil and Gaz Pipeline Strategy of a Landlocked Country: Case of AzerbaijanAskerov, Gorkhmaz
2021Oil Pipelines: Eurasian geopolitical reconfigurationLabardini, Rodrigo
2016-04-21Oil Price Shocks and Monetary Policy in Azerbaijan: Challenges and OpportunitiesMammadov, Jeyhun
2017The Oldest Harvesting Tools of Azerbaijan (According to Experimental-Traceological Research)Arazova, Roza; Skakun, Natalia
2012Oliver Twist and Inklings of ‘Grotesque’Kermani, Ehsan Hafezi; Fazli, Roshanak
2022On a Boundary Value Problem for a Fourth Order Partial Differential Equation with Non-Local ConditionsHuseynova, Khanim; Mammadov, Tahir
1999On a boundary value problem with a spectral parameter in the boundary conditionsKerimov, N. B.; Mamedov, Kh. R.
2023-03-22On Bailey pairs for N = 2 supersymmetric gauge theories on S 3 b /ZrGahramanov, Ilmar; Keskin, Batuhan; Kosvaa, Dilara; Mullahasanoglu, Mustafa
2005On Basicity In Lp (0, 1) (1 < p < ∞) Of The System Of Eigenfunctions Of One Boundary Value Problem. IKerimov, Nazim B.; Poladov, Rovshan G.
2018On basicity of exponential systems in Sobolev-Morrey spacesSalmanov, Valid F.; Garayev, Tarlan Z.
2017-07On Basicity of the Perturbed System of Exponents in Morrey-Lebesgue SpaceHuseynli, A.A.; Mirzoyev, V.S.; Quliyeva, A.A.
2012On Basis Properties of Function Systems in Lebesgue SpacesBilalov, B. T.; Garayev, T. Z.
2006On education system in transition economy : A view from AzerbaijanIsaxanli, Hamlet