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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017L.N.Tolstoy: İncəsənət haqqındaKərimova, Mələk
2007L2-Approximation Theory on Compact Group and Their Realization for the Groups SU(2) and SO(3)Aghdassi, E.; Rzaev, S.F.
1998La Contradiction Inter-Qizilbache et Defaite de Tchaldiran (920/1514)Rahimlou, Youssef
2011De la légalité et la légitimité de la «guerre préventive»Rousseau, Richard
2006-12-13Labor Migrants Who Returned to Georgia-
2011Labor Migration Article | Zvezda Dermendzhieva-
2006-11-09Labor Snapshot - how does one live?-
2008-11-19Lakobashvili on the Current State of the Conflict-
2010Language Access and Tajik Language Proficiency among the Yazghulami of TajikistanTiessen, Gabriela; Abbess, Elisabeth; Müller, Katja; Tiessen, Calvin
2020Language Choice in Azerbaijani Context: A Sociolinguistic perspectiveRzayeva, Narmin; Tagiyev, Ilham; Mammadov, Azad
2017-04-11Language Ethics: Linguo Psychology and PsycholinguisticsKarimova, Valida
2017-04-11Language Ethics: Linguo Psychology and Psycholinguistics (Analysis of the Language with Psychological Problems)Karimova, Valida
2010Language in Community-Oriented and Contact-Oriented Domains:Müller, Katja; Abbess, Elisabeth; Paul, Daniel; Tiessen, Calvin; Tiessen, Gabriela
2013Language Policy in Azerbaijan toward Sustainable ChangeMammadova, Jamala I.
2020-12-21The Latest News from EBSCO Post Blog-
2009Le Statut Juridique de la Mer Caspienne: le Pprincipe de L’uti Possidetis À L’egard Des Nouveaux États Riverains de la MerHumbatov, Fuad
2020The Leading Role of the Language Phenomenon in Brain ActivityHajiyeva, Minaxanum
2018Learning to Learn OnlineAlger, Marti
2021-05-24Lecturer of the Department of History and Archeology at the virtual conference “Archaeological and Ethnocultural Heritage of Karabakh: History and Vision of the Future”-
2017The Lecturer's Guide to Quality and Standards in Colleges and UniversitiesAshcroft, Kate