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2004I am reading a lecture at the conference of UNESCO. Paris.-
1995I can speak about a lot of things with Huseyn Bagirov. In this case, it seems, we are speaking about extreme sports, particularly about climbing high mountains.-
2004I don’t remember what my daughter Aygun and I were looking at that made us smile.-
1996I love chess very much.-
1989I love chess very much.-
2006I Ümumittifaq Bakı Türkoloji Qurultayı: Gündeliyi ve Tarixi EhemiyyetiHacıyev, Tofiq
2007-07-08ICG: new report on South Ossetia-
2010-05ICT in education: Khazar University faculty and students’ perspectiveNuriyev, Mahammad; Sotova, Lyudmila
2022Identifcation and molecular characterization of Brucella abortus and Brucella melitensis isolated from milk in cattle in AzerbaijanAliyev, Jeyhun; Alakbarova, Mahnur; Garayusifova, Aytan; Omarov, Asaf; Aliyeva, Saida; Fretin, David; Godfroid, Jacques
2009Identification And Quantification of Incremental Market Risk Using Alternate Valution MethodsSarkarat, Sy
2010Identity and fundamentalism as security concerns in the WestIsgandarova, Nazila
2018Identity practice: A study of Bangladeshi Immigrants Leisure Subculture and Identity Practices in Tallinn, EstoniaIslam, Aminul
2021Ilham Aliyev: “Dear Shusha, we are back!”-
2014An image of a "tragic hero" based on the books of Arthur Miller and E. HemingwayMovsumova, Nigar
2011Impact Evaluation in PracticeGertler, Paul J.; Martinez, Sebastian; Premand, Patrick
2015The Impact of Agricultural Market Information System in Bosnia & Herzegovina on Market Integration: Assymetric Information and Market PerformanceArapovic, Adisa Omerbegovic; Karkin, Zana
2015Impact of Citizens' Economic Status on Policy Formulation and ImplementationMoitui, Joash Ntenga
2019The Impact of Collaborative Writing and The Stream of Consciousness Technique on WritingDimililer, Çelen; Kurt, Mustafa
2011The Impact of Economic Crisis on Tourism and Hospitality: Results from a Study in GreeceKapiki, Soultana (Tania)
2014-06The impact of exchange rate on FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)Rustamov, Ali