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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The sexual economy of the Islamic republic: birth control, female sexual awakening, and the gay lifestyleAfary, Janet
2006Seyidler Yaşayış Yerinin Bir Qrup Saxsı MemulatıDanyalov, Yaqil
2012Shadow EducationBray, Mark; Lykins, Chad
1998Shah Isamil's Fermans and Sanads: Tradition and Reform in Persophone Administration and Chancellery AffairsFragner, Bert G.
1998Shah İsma'il Architectural Heritage in the Historical Azerbaijan: Discussion in Art Historical Terms with a Proposed Computerized CatalogueLala Comneno, Maria Adalaide
2022-08-07"Shamakhi" FC takes its starting point from the year of foundation of "Khazar University" FC-
2018Shaping Higher Education with Students Ways to Connect Research and TeachingTong, Vincent C. H. (editor); Standen, Alex (editor); Sotiriou, Mina
2018Shaping Higher Education with Students: Ways to Connect Research and TeachingTong, Vincent C. H.(editor); Standen, Alex (editor); Sotiriou, Mina
1964A shepherd on a high mountain. Athough I looked the part, real shepherding was not my lot in life.-
2010-09-27Shifts in the Brussels-Capital Region electorate between the June 2009 regional elections and the 13 June 2010 federal electionsDelwit, Pascal; Gassner, Marjorie; Pilet, Jean-Benoit
2011Short overview of the evolution of Modern Greek stateTchkadua, Shalva
2003Sibirin Skif Dövrü Defn Merasimin XüsusiyyetleriMahmudova, Hicran
2012SIDA 2012 Göstəriş kartları-
2019The Significance of Love and Selflessness in Iris Murdoch’s Moral PhilosophySadjadi, Bakhtiar; Baharvand, Peyman Amanolahi
2005Silindrik Formalı Memarlıq Abidelerinin Berpa ProblemiYusifova, Nardane
2022Similes In Novel “The Picture Of Dorian Gray” By Oscar Wilde And The Adequacy Of Their Translation Into AzerbaijaniHaciyeva, Leyla
2005The singers are silent. I am speaking, or maybe singing?-
2006The singers are silent. I am speaking, or maybe singing?-
2023Singular Conformable Fractional Dirac SystemsAllahverdiev, Bilender P.; Tuna, Hüseyin
2002Sirler Dünyasının Qızıl Camıİsmayılzade, Nigar