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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Post 9/11 American Novel: Political Orientations in Representing ArabsAltwaiji, Mubarak
2008-09-10T06:23:17ZPost-Modernist Philosophy and LiteratureMamedkhanova, Naida
2018Post-Taliban State Building in AfghanistanRaufi, Abdulbashir
2014Postcolonial Elements in Early English PoetryAbdel-Daem, Mohamed Kamel
2014Postcolonial-Feminist elements in E. M. Forster's A Passage to IndiaTavassoli, Sarah; Mirzapour, Narges
2015Postgraduate Students’ Learning Styles in Electronic and Presence Training in Shiraz University of Medical SciencesShokrpoor, Nasrin; Rezaee, Rita; Nikseresht, Shekoofeh
2012-12-20Potential Consequences Of Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum – AnalysisRousseau, Richard
2012The Poverty and Welfare Impacts of Climate Change-
2012Power and Truth in Atwood’s The Blind AssassinFazli, Roshanak; Hafezikermani, Ehsan
2019Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems-
2006The Power of Survey DesignIarossi, Giuseppe
2016-06The Power to Change: Solar and Wind Cost Reduction Potential to 2025-
2013-03A Practical Approach to International Monetary System Reform: Building Settlement Infrastructure Reform: Building Settlement Infrastructure for Regional CurrenciesRhee, Changyong; Sumulong, Lea
2022-06-24Practical training by Canon with students-
2016A Pragma-Dialectical Approach to Argumentative DiscourseDrid, Touria
2021Pragmatic Analysis of Symbolic manifestation in William Faulkner’s workAhmadzada, Parvin
2021Pragmatic Nature Of Narrative Voice In Agatha Christies Short StoriesAbdullazadeh, Leyla
2007Pragmatism’s Democratic IdealRyder, John
2007-12-18Pre-Election Polls | what would be needed-
2018Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers’ Conceptual Knowledge of Binary OperationAksu, Zeki; Kul, Ümit